Sub Dividing Land

*The ‘when’, ‘who’ and ‘how’ * of taking valid company resolutions I’ve purchased a shareholding stake in my dad’s family business. I’ve been part of the family business for some time but now I’m a shareholder and clueless as to the basics of how the company’s shareholders are supposed to take decisions. What should I know about company resolutions? (Read more through footer link.►)

Reaping the benefits of empowering your employees I am the owner of a construction business. In our industry skills development is very important and I invest where possible in training my staff. I understand that if I allow my staff to take up learnerships through my company there are certain tax benefits that I can use to help cover the costs of the learnerships. Is this correct? (Read more through footer link.►)

Can I do as I please with deposits received from my tenant? I have a small block of flats that I lease out to tenants. I always insist on a deposit to cover tenants that skip out on the final lease payment or cause damage to the property. I always invest the deposits in a savings account and in general return the deposits to the tenants. Recently a tenant wishing to terminate his lease approached me and asked for his deposit back including all interest earned thereon. I have never had such a request. Do I have to return the full deposit and interest to him? (Read more through footer link.►)

Want to sell a portion of your farm? Don’t count your chickens before you have consent With the continuing drought I can no longer afford to run my entire farming operation and would like to sell off a portion of my farm. However, as I understand it I may not subdivide my land. What is the legal position, and is there any manner in which I can do this? (Read More through footer link►)



FROM: 26 April 2017 | TSP Attorneys | News 360 Notifications and Updates