CLAY-ZI PROPERTIES proudly aligns with industry colleagues AGRIFARMS

Smallholdings and Farms for sale in the Western Cape & Cape Town

Specialising in Farms and Smallholdings for sale in the Western Cape for near 30 years, CLAY-ZI PROPERTIES continues to lead the field in a dynamic environment where small scale farming, eco friendly solutions, sustainability, family lifestyle, Equestrian facilities, vision, imaginations, inspiration and kindness have become a norm for the everyday community as well as large scale farm & Smallholding investors.

Whilst we continue to learn grow teach and develop,

it is always a privilege to open ourselves up to mutually beneficial relationships with like-minded professionals, similarly servicing and industry we remain passionate about.


Buying a Farm or lifestyle smallholding in Cape Town, or anywhere, can certainly be both a daunting and exciting prospect for anyone. We have always recognised this vast realm of emotion, planning and financial commitment, and see ourselves as invested as the Buyer or the Seller.


If you are wanting to buy a smallholding in Cape Town or Sell a smallholding in the Western Cape, be it for horses, stables, farming, vegetable farming, hydroponics, nurseries, lifestyle, motor cycling, trail running, mountain biking, petting farms, storage, development, we are here to help you.


With our deep understanding, unique approach, and personalised processing with the aim to save the buyer and the seller time, whilst respecting each parties values and priorities.
We know what it takes, we know what it means to you. This is our fundamental core as to how we see our role in the process.


We are very happy to announce our professional alignment with long time like minded industry colleagues AGRI FARMS.

We believe that the knowledge we share between us and the values we place on what we do and who we are, will deeply benefit our clients, our teams, the industry, and this beautiful country of South Africa


About AgriFarms

AGRIFARMS - Farm real estate agents in the Western Cape

Selling and buying a farm is not the same as selling your old house and buying a new home in another part of the country. There is a lot more to think about and take into account when looking for a new farmland property.

The homestead on a farm is generally only a place where you live while you farm the land. I suppose most of the wives would not agree with this statement, but unless you are looking for a lifestyle farm, the state of the house is not a deal breaker. But a house in good condition will always help the sale along.

You need local knowledge. Agents that know the climate, soil, water rights, where the underground rivers run, what farming has worked in the area in the past and what new opportunities might work in the future.

You need farm real estate agents. Agrifarms has been in the industry for some time and our agents have at some point in their life, either owned a farm, worked or lived on a farm.

We know what farming activities work in the Western Cape.

Agrifarms agents know the soil and climate and will be able to assist you in finding the right farm for you. If you are moving from other areas in South Africa down to the Western Cape and you are unsure if what you have been doing on your farm in the rest of the country would work in the Western Cape, you are at the right place.

Contact us at 073 143 9530 or and we will introduce you the farm real estate agent that will be able to assist you with the right property.

agrifarms-andre-halvorsenAndre Halvorsen is the principal of AgriFarms with more than 30 years experience in the property market, specializing in farms with his agricultural background. He was brought up on a farm and went Boland Landbou agricultural school and Elsenburg at Stellenbosch.

Farms and Smallholdings for sale in Cape Town with Agri farms