Water in everyone's lips.....What you need to know about wellpoint and borehole water


Q. What is the difference between a wellpoint and a borehole?

A. wellpoint is a polyethylene pipe with a filtered end installed into a porous soil structure. The water is distributed by means of a surface mounted centrifugal pump. A borehole is a shaft drilled to depths exceeding 20 metres with a large diameter casing allowing for the installation of a submersible pump to distribute the water.

Q. Do I need a wellpoint or borehole?

A. To ascertain weather you need a borehole or wellpoint we require certain information and suggest you contact the office via telephone or email us your particulars.

Q. Can water be found anywhere in the Western Cape?

A. Ground water can be found in most areas in the Western Cape but the method of accessing it and the cost implication play a major role. Where should the installation be positioned? You, as the client can decide where you would like the installation to be positioned. Our team leaders will complete their assessment and make necessary recommendations should the position you chose not be suitable.

Q. Will my water be brown?

A. This can only be determined once the installation has been completed and the water has been tested. In most cases we would be able to give you an indication of your water quality before the installation, based on years of experience.

Q. Can I use the water to fill my pool?

A. Once the wellpoint / borehole installation has been completed and the water has been tested you will be informed if it is suitable to fill your pool with.

Q. How long does the installation take?

A. A wellpoint installation takes approximately 2 - 4 hrs whereas a borehole installation can take about 3 - 5 days.

Q. What is the long term advantage of having a Wellpoint / Borehole?

A. The use of ground water takes the pressure of our potable water resources, considerably reducing your Municipal bill as well as adding value to your property.

Q. What does it cost to have a borehole installed?

A. This can only be determined once your exact requirements have been assessed.

Q. What does it cost to have a wellpoint installed?

A. The cost of a wellpoint installation varies due to each clients specific requirements. Please contact us for an assessment and quotation.

Q. Can I link my irrigation system to my wellpoint?

A. Yes, if requested we can link your wellpoint to your existing irrigation system provided the water volume is sufficient to operate the irrigation system. Should this not be the case, various options are available to rectify this. Each client's particular needs will be assessed and recommendations discussed.

Q. What is the cost of running the wellpoint / borehole pump.

A. Generally the cost of running a 1HP .75 Kw pump will equal approximately R1 / hour.

All info sourced from "Dewets Boreholes" http://www.dewetsboreholes.co.za/faq.php