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Do I need to be a hippy tree hugger to hobby farm!?

You are interested in how to start a hobby farm. But what separates a hobby farm from a standard farm or homestead? And what do you need to know to start a hobby farm to ensure its success?

How Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will impact South Africa&rsq...

While it is too early to say how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will impact South Africa’s property market in the long term, analysts at FNB have warned that the sector is likely to be hit by the obvious short-term economic factors, such as higher inflation rates and interest rate hikes.

How the new Property Practitioners Act provides better protection f...

The new Property Practitioners Act (PPA) is designed for increased support and regularisation of sales/rental /immovable property professions. Through updated processes, better clarity & new admin practice, property practitioners holding Fidelity Fund Certificates (FFC) may consider the Act improved

Revamp your bathroom on a Budget!

A low-cost bathroom renovation can give you a clean, bright - and functional – bathroom. You will also have more money in the bank to spend on other home projects or a well-earned holiday.

Introducing JOE! Residential Division now open for listings

After over 30+ years specializing in farms and smallholdings, Lifestyle agricultural property, it was time to open up to the residential market. So please welcome Joe Visser - Buying or selling in the Western Cape? Call him

Buying or Selling, Why the 72 hour clause?

The 72-hours clause entitles the seller to insist that all suspensive conditions in a buyer’s offer must be met within 72 hours of signing the offer to purchase.

How does the OFF GRID solar power thing work?

Have you ever looked at the solar panels on roofs and wondered exactly what they do, and how? Well, those hi-tech expanses of shimmering glass are actually just one component in a complex network that harnesses the sun’s renewable energy to deliver electricity to the home within. Let’s take a look

Checklist to Speed up your Transfer

Property transfers have been hard-hit by the depressed economy and the Covid 19 Pandemic, resulting in normal turnaround times being seriously disrupted.

Get the Look - Create cool kid friendly gardens

It’s time to unleash the big fun guns and get the kids away from those screens.

How DOES the Transfer process work exactly !?

The conveyancing or "transfer" process can be overwhelming for the buyer and seller. And th Admin right...??? Here's the basics and it really can be very manageable when kept simple, streamlined and communicative in the right hands...

Superb 10HA Equestrian Smallholding up for grabs!

Superb 10HA Equestrian Smallholding up for grabs! This is what dreams are made of. Take a look at this top notch property with all the bells and whistles.

POPI - will we stay or will we go !?

The POPI Act protects your private info and we aim to keep you in the loop whilst adhering to policy and respecting your deets. Here's our NOTICE:

Coastal buyers getting younger as zoom-town trend drives remote wor...

South Africa offers some of the best small coastal towns on the African Continent for remote working and digital nomads. The popular Wifitribe for example rate Cape Town among the top locations in the world and the best on the African Continent.

City dwellers are moving to the Country

Ever since Covid-19 put everyone in South Africa into hard-lockdown at home, estate agents have been reporting a steady increase in the number of people moving away from big cities to smaller towns along the coast or in more rural settings.

Saffron - SA's next big thing!?

Saffron is used as a food seasoning, in natural cosmetics, natural medicine and as a dye in the textile industry. After seven years of research, including four years to perfect saffron cultivation, a Northern Cape farmer is ready to introduce it to other South African farmers.**


A link to an article published by an on line publication called BIZCOMMUNITY.COM, and which deals with the Asbestos Abatement Regulations, is doing the rounds. The article states, amongst other things, the following: “… but asbestos is now outlawed and building owners have only 14 months to ...

3 Ways to get a better bond - Top tips

Owning property is in South Africans’ DNA, says Colin Strumpher, Sales Manager at BetterBond. We grow up, leave home, get a job, a car and then a house. We’re constantly striving to improve our circumstances. “With the interest rate currently so low, we are seeing a lot more people getting ...

A new airport for the Western Cape conveniently located for our Far...

What?? A new airport even more conveniently located coming soon!? Even more reason to look at our listing area for your next home or investment. A new "Lanseria style" airport could be on the cards and this brings the Greater Philadelphia area in which we specialize into an exciting spotlight.....


"I recently received a WhatsApp message with a startling video from an organization called IRR, setting out how South Africans could lose their property in 5 easy steps if the proposed law on expropriation was passed, and how this would irrevocably change property rights.........see more"

Is sustainability finally becoming more mainstream?

As the world grapples with the uncertainty surrounding the long-term implications of Covid-19, there is a measure of agreement on one thing – the global pandemic has fast-tracked numerous trends which were already emerging prior to the crisis.

Budget News

Earlier this afternoon the Minister of Finance, Mr Tito Mboweni, delivered the National Treasury's budget for 2021/2022.

How different property classes coped with the pandemic

The property market has undergone huge changes during 2020 as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, but not all sectors have had the same experience. As the year comes to a close, it is useful to have a look at how different asset classes have been affected and what lies ahead for them in the New Year

Ways of Unlocking the Value in Your Second Property

A primary residence is considered the home used for personal use; in other words the home you most regularly live in. A second home is a one you don’t live in full-time. This could be a holiday home, a flat you commute to occasionally in another city, one your university children use, or investment

Wanna do something cool?

Being nice is the new Cool. Ever wanted to check out your very own local community and ask where you can help? This is the best time to do it we reckon :)


Long being a favourite with digital nomads, the city was recently listed #42 on this list alongside countries including Indonesia, Germany, and Argentina on the travel website

FNB Property Barometer - November 2020

Price growth resilient; FNB HPI shows resilience in price growth

Here’s what June property data tells us about South Africa&rs...

Initial predictions regarding the future of the residential property market in South Africa as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown have painted a sombre picture, notes Carl Coetzee, chief executive officer of bond originator, BetterBond.

Lockdown prompts homeowners re-evaluate lifestyle, including living...

The far-reaching lockdown experienced by homeowners in South Africa has no doubt provided much food for thought and room for introspection, most likely mainly around re-evaluating lifestyle and long-term goals, but also their immediate surrounds – their homes.

52 Home Business Ideas

Working from home in 2020 can be rewarding and fun. At a time when social distancing may be important, more people than ever are glad to stay at home for work. Luckily, there are many home business ideas to spark your thinking.

Front Cover CP Magazine - May issue

You're invited to Explore - Thriving country living in the Western Cape

Government needs to do more! Call for zero-transfer fees threshold ...

South Africans have seen three rate cuts in the past six months - as well as a duty-free threshold increase - but it's not enough, say the experts.

DA calls for farmers to receive essential service permits directly ...

The Democratic Alliance (DA) calls on the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD) to open all agriculture offices across the country to issue permits for small-scale farmers. The Department should directly issue essential service permits to small-scale farmers as the current process by which these permits are issued by municipalities, has proven to be cumbersome and slow.

Fun Facts - 10 Interesting facts that will blow your mind - Chapter1

Everyone needs a little fun fact to lift the spirits. So here are a few from around the world to keep your mind engaged and your "fun-dometer" running

Reserve Bank cuts interest rates by one percentage point to record ...

Reserve Bank cuts interest rates by one percentage point to record low. The Bank brought forward its May meeting to Tuesday, and cut interest rates for the third time in 2020.

This house is made entirely of chocolate!

At almost 200 square feet, this house in the suburbs of Paris is made up of 3,000 pounds of chocolate. No, it’s not just a dream and, yes, people can actually stay in it overnight.

Coronavirus lockdown guide: Tips for survival, shopping, and self-care

"It is a very difficult time, particularly for people that have young families, or vulnerable adults to care for, and the uncertainty around the situation is certainly not helping".

STAYCATION Ideas for Lockdown - Part 2 COUPLES & SINGLES

And if you thought you had some navigating to do with the kids and family - how about them couples and singletons!? We have not forgotten you and we stand at the ready for some inspired reminders what we can also do with this time!

STAYCATION Ideas for Lockdown - Part 1 KIDS & FAMILY

Planning out a holiday from home is less stressful, more affordable and can feel pretty rewarding, but taking a staycation is not always that easy, especially if you don’t go about it intentionally. Without some kind of structure, it’s easy to fall back into your average weekend routine: browsing on your phone, checking social media and binge-watching series for several days non-stop. Take on some of our staycation ideas that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready for whatever there is to come.

Navigating an economy hit by downgrades and a deadly virus - what t...

Moody’s has finally dropped the sword on South Africa, following in the steps of fellow ratings agencies S&P and Fitch in downgrading the country’s sovereign credit rating to sub-investment grade or “junk status”. And the COVID-19 crisis and current lockdown mean that even before factoring in the impact of Moody’s decision, the economic outlook for SA in 2020 continues to be harrowing.



Buying property in 2020: Low home loan interest rates and cheaper h...

22 Jan 2020 Fourth quarter (Q4 19) statistics released by South African bond originator ooba show minimal growth of 1.8% in the Average House Price year-on-year from Q4 18 to Q4 19. The Average Purchase Price of First-time Buyers performed marginally better, up 2.5% for the same period.

What's your vibe? We've got you.

All properties come with a "vibe", just like we do. Different strokes for different folks, and maybe just maybe....we've got just the thing you've been searching for...


Dr Ivan Meyer is pleased to announce that Wesgro, the Western Cape government's mandated international trade and investment promotion agency, has helped secure R350m worth of agribusiness investment deals in the Western Cape during the first half of the year.

50 Business Ideas for Vacant Land or a Smallholding

Thinking about investing in vacant or a smallholding? Or maybe you already own one and aren’t sure what to do with it? Luckily, there are plenty of business opportunities you can leverage when you have this type of space. Here are 50 business ideas for vacant land or a smallholding,

How to Price Your Home for Sale Factors Contributing to the Correct...

How to Price Your Home for Sale Factors Contributing to the Correct List Price

Are South African Homes Losing value???

South African homes keep losing value – and will keep getting cheaper in real terms for at least a couple of months

Buying a Smallholding vs Vacant Land

Why buy a Smallholding rather than a Vacant piece of Land? Let's look at some different perspectives in this big decision for the property buyer when it comes to investing in real estate.

Water wise lawns - Lawns of the Future

WATER-WISE LAWNS: LAWN OF THE FUTURE By choosing the right variety and using some clever design tips, your lawn can benefit the environment and add beauty to your home. With the recent drought in many parts of South Africa, lawns have become frowned upon as water guzzlers. However, unlike hard surfaces such as concrete and tiles, lawn grass helps clean the air, traps carbon dioxide, diminishes erosion from storm water run-off, improves soil, decreases noise pollution and reduces temperatures, all of which is necessary in built-up environments.

How to spot a fixer-upper property that’s worth the investment

How to spot a fixer-upper property that’s worth the investment. Buying and renovating a fixer-upper property - one that’s a little dated or rundown - is a time-honoured tradition for bargain-hunting buyers looking to maximise their return on investment. Of course, finding the right property is integral to the success of this strategy - a poorly chosen project could easily cost far more to renovate than it could ever recoup in a sale.

Property market: Flat prices, more stock and potential rate cut ahead

Property market: Flat prices, more stock and potential rate cut ahead. The news that the economy contracted by 3.2% in the first quarter and that the GDP growth outlook for the year has been adjusted to 1% by the Reserve Bank and Moody's is not what we had wanted to hear right now. It means that the property market will remain weighted by the economic conditions and sellers will have to wait a bit longer before prices will start rising again.

Best friends build tiny house town to Grow old together

Best Friends Build Their Own Tiny Town to Grow Old Together! Although this happened in the US somewhere, how cool. A few good mates, a customised environment, built to spec, live out your days exactly the way YOU want to.....? I'm in!

Tips for a quieter life in the countryside

Tips for a quieter life in the countryside. Navigate these pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision about your rural dream.

10 favourite MTB trails in South Africa:

South Africa is known for it's diversity in culture, landscape, art, technology and sport. Here are 10 favourite MTB trails in South Africa

Where to find great value fixer-upper property in Cape Town and sur...

Unrenovated character houses have become an increasingly scarce commodity in Cape Town, especially in areas like the Atlantic Seaboard and City Bowl where most were snapped up during the past decade. However, there are pockets where original homes and good value can still be found, but in a decidedly buyer’s market, realistic pricing is critical.

Updating Your New Home On A Small Budget

You might think you need a big budget to create a stylish home, however with some planning, a little imagination and bit of advice on decorating is all you need. If you’re considering on renovating or moving into a new space, read through our list of ideas and practical tips for designing on a small budget.

International Tourists Name Cape Town The Greatest City On Earth

Every year “The Telegraph” asks their readers which city they loved visiting the most as a tourist… and this year over 45 000 people agree that Cape Town is the greatest city on Earth!

What Home Can I Afford?

Working out how much you can afford when buying a property is simple.


Imagine a secure eco estate lifestyle in the Country, within commuting distance to the city, with off grid vibes, harvesting rainwater, solar panels, a dam to bird watch, wild flowers growing in the distance, a fully fledged mountain bike track next door, sports club, membership to golf club, security, in house market, gym & clubhouse and more -'s just a phone call away. Live now! first phase already pre-booking up a storm!

Equestrian Dreams are made of These

Looking for a horsey Smallholding for sale in Cape Town with out-rides, blue skies, pretty views, and all the things that unicorns bring??? Look no further, your dream awaits...


Do we not all want to best of both? I never understood the negativity towards the term of "wanting your cake and eating it too" - isn't that the point???? How about having "your bread buttered on both sides"? Well if I can well then thank you very much!

Smallholding for sale with Camping, Team building, B&B facilities

FOR SALE: Ever wanted to have a property where you could do weekend GETAWAYS with the kids, TEAM BUILDING, GUEST HOUSE, CAMPING, family RETREAT, all just 30 minutes from Century city !? Here's your chance - brand new release, 18 x HECTARES with so much to offer.... R6 995 000

23 Awesome DIY Rainwater Harvesting Systems You Can Build at Home

Around 600 gallons of rainwater can be harvested from about one inch of rain if it falls from a thousand square foot roof. Doesn’t that sound like a lot of water that you could harvest and use for free? Wanna hear from humans all over the world doing cool stuff?

Does "Ramaphoria" have an effect on Farms and Smallholdin...

'Ramaphoria' and its effect on the property market Tahir Desai • Apr 26, 2018 The 'feel-good' factor that spread across the country after Cyril Ramaphosa took over the reins has had many positive spin-offs. But, has it affected the property market?

Farms & Smallholdings for sale in the Western Cape

CLAY-ZI PROPERTIES proudly aligns with industry colleagues AGRIFARMS

Family farms - how does it work

Keeping the farm in the family By Eugene MpikwaneApril 9, 2018 1:23 pm A big concern for farm owners is how to ensure their farms stay in the family for generations to come.

A popular South African brand is spreading goodness and donating 10...

Clover Krush is serious about actioning goodness and this year they are taking it a step further and giving away 10 000 pairs of school shoes to children in need. Good Things Guy has joined them to share the goodness!

How Western Cape Farmers have helped DELAY DAY ZERO

Day Zero, the day we may have to start queueing for water, has moved out to mid-May 2018 due to a decline in agricultural usage.

WATER: Well-point vs Borehole ??

Water in everyone's lips.....What you need to know about wellpoint and borehole water

Beautiful Water Wise Living Ideas

Gardening in drought conditions: an intro we shared tips on landscaping in drought – from increasing the soil’s water-holding capacity to caring for your lawn. Read on for more expert tips on gardening when there’s a water shortage

Thumbs Up for New Atlantis Green Zone

Cape Town - Designating Atlantis as a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) for green technology has received the backing of the community and stakeholders in the area, the Department of Trade and Industry announced.

How To Start a Farming Business

START-UP INDUSTRY SPECIFIC How To Start A Farming Business There are a few points to keep in mind when planning the business. Entrepreneur Published 1 year ago on Sep 19, 2016 By Entrepreneur 13-how-do-i-start-a-farming-business

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